Excerpts from The Hidden Millionaire

Listed below are some excerpts from the book.


Things you’re passionate about provide the best businesses ideas, especially hobbies, because your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject are better motivators than money.I knew the baseball card industry and the customer base because I was the customer base.Consequently, I had greater success than the adult dealers who, while understanding the principles of commerce, lacked my understanding and dedication.My hobbies have often become my businesses because each endeavor begins with the idea of enhancing something I already enjoy doing. I think it goes back to the adage that one must do in life what one enjoys in order to succeed. I have lived my entire life by that creed because I truly believe that if you do what you love, the return is by far greater than anything you’ll do purely for money.


If you’re starting small with no ambition of becoming larger, or you can see the ceiling of success as soon as you start, you’ll remain small.No entrepreneur starts out with restrictions. Set your sights high, use the resources you have, and aim to be the best and the biggest.Never doubt yourself and stay motivated; it’s easy to slack off if you’re tired, busy, or just not interested. It’s inevitable that you will feel frustrated at times, but here is a little known fact:Successful people get frustrated, too, but the difference between them and the people who fail is that they don’t allow the frustration to defeat them.Sometimes the beginning requires a lot of work with no return, but you must be persistent and constantly look to the future.Ask yourself: How successful will I be if I keep working at it?

Itís easy to fail but if the idea is sound then failure can only result from not pushing hard enough.The Internet is not a get-rich-quick portal. Nothing in life is that easy or everyone would be wealthy.Anything you try can be an avenue to success, but it requires work, time and effort to succeed.With Cool Blue Performance, I never doubted whether I could do it or not. Failure was not an option. I knew it would make money; the only question was: how much?


Knowledge is everything in business, and an entrepreneur should always strive to acquire more. Be an expert in your field and if you’re intelligent enough to grasp the concept of one industry, you can always teach yourself how another industry works.The ability to learn and apply that knowledge transcends businesses.With that in mind, you can start additional businesses, as the model is infinite in its applications.

My newly acquired understanding of the online auto parts industry, coupled with my motivation to succeed, would eventually lead to my first serious business venture. By this time, I had already established my template for entrepreneurial success without even knowing it.

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Anthony's book is not only inspiring but educational. The books was a great short read and I came away with a lot of valuable information.

- Jacqueline Yorke, Same Page Press