About the Author, Anthony Morrison

A lifelong resident of Mississippi, Anthony Morrison was a precocious businessman from an early age. At seven years old, he began selling candy bars door-to-door to buy a Jacuzzi for his family and as a teen turned his yen for baseball memorabilia into a profitable business. Nurtured by his parents, Roger and Sheila, Morrison graduated high school with the intention of becoming a doctor, but when his family was in economic peril following the collapse of WorldCom, Morrison demonstrated the depth of his business acumen and drive by rescuing his family from financial ruin. Morrisonís first business success began as a part-time venture amidst his pre-med college classes. Already savvy about the Internet, Morrison used his experience and knowledge to develop a web based communication system as a tool for commerce. With that business, Cool Blue Performance, Morrison earned enough income to save his family financially by implementing an innovative 24/7 business model that instantly garnered him a large share of the auto parts market. In short time Morrison became an industry leader, bypassing his former suppliers with his own brand.

Since then Anthony Morrisonís career has expanded exponentially. The success of that initial venture prompted Morrison to devise a systematic approach to entrepreneurial success and use it to develop another eleven companies, all of which have been highly profitable. Notably, Morrison believes his role as an entrepreneur involves much more than the mere accumulation of wealth. He feels strongly that it is every successful entrepreneurís duty to share wealth and knowledge by giving back to those less fortunate both philanthropically and spiritually. Morrison has found a way to share his success by creating Christmas for Kids, his first charitable organization.

Today, Anthony Morrison is at home in Mississippi close to the loving family and friends who have supported him in his ascent to entrepreneurial greatness.